Telehealth Counseling

Elaine and Kitty will be holding all their counseling and coaching sessions using secure video or telephone technologies.  Elaine will be using a HIPPA compliant video platform called Simple Practice. Below, you will find more information on HIPPA compliance and technology requirements for using telehealth for counseling sessions:

Information on HIPPA Compliance

  • The video platforms used by Elaine Casquarelli, LPCC for telehealth counseling services are HIPPA compliant.  When it is not possible to utilize telehealth services, phone services will be used as a backup.  It is important to know that phone communication does not include HIPPA compliant technology.
  • The therapy space used by Elaine is secure and compliant.
  • Elaine is trained on how to maintain confidentiality for telehealth sessions.
  • Therapists are required to continue to seek ongoing training on the use of telehealth.
  • Clients are provided information about how to maintain confidentiality on the session.
  • Elaine has a signed Business Associates Agreement (BAA) with the technology provider she uses to ensure the confidentiality and HIPAA compliance of the technologies.
  • Video sessions are not stored in any manner.
  • The session is recorded in your mental health record the same way as any other in-person session, with an indication that the session was conducted by video or phone.
  • Elaine will follow all other standards of practice associated with traditional face-toface counseling.
  • Elaine will verify your identity at each telehealth session.

Technology Requirements and Instructions

  • Participating in telehealth counseling sessions requires that you have an active email address, internet connection and a technology device with a microphone and camera: desktop computer, lap top computer, tablet or smartphone/iPhone.
  • Prior to your appointment time, Elaine will email you a link and instructions for logging on to the telehealth website.  Once you are on the site at your scheduled appointment time, a notification is sent to Elaine to let her know that you are present for your session.
  • Elaine will then click on our connection and both of you will appear on camera.
  • Should the internet connection be unclear or malfunction in some way, alternatives to conduct the session will be earnestly attempted.
  • During telehealth sessions, Elaine will work to ensure that:
    • sessions are conducted in a private environment such as her business or home office.
    • sessions are conducted with minimal to no interruption.
    • sessions are conducted in a manner that you feel Elaine is attentive and engaged, just as she would be in person.