IFS Resources

The following are video resources that can help you work with the emotions that can arise as we spend more time at home and in social distancing activities.

As we stay at home in an effort to keep ourselves and others physically healthy, some of us may experience intense and difficult emotions and then act on those emotions in ways we later regret.

The following videos may help you work with and release the intensity of those emotions from an Internal Family Systems (IFS) perspective. In IFS, we understand that different parts of ourselves may hold those emotions. The videos below, will help you identify and connect with those parts and then help them begin to release or transform the emotions and actions that are getting in the way of your mental and spiritual wellness.

Self-Healing Guided Meditation: Internal Family Systems

The Path Meditation by Richard Schwartz

Connecting on the Inside While Isolating Outside by Derek Scott

Love Conquers All (working with fear and despair) by Terry Shevlin

Recognizing and Working with Anxious Parts by Derek Scott

Recognizing and Working with Angry Parts by Derek Scott

COVID-19 Wake Up Calls and Trailheads by Richard Schwartz