About Us

An idea whose time has come. Our early visions for The Gloaming were born over 20 years ago and grew quietly while we pursued careers in counseling and counselor education. Listening to synchronicity and observing what the world needs, we decided now is the time to create the space for healing and thriving in our world. With almost 50 years of counseling and teaching experience between us, we hope to facilitate transformation by providing holistic counseling and life coaching.

Elaine Casquarelli, Ph.D., LPCC
Professional Counselor (CCMH 0209151)

Certified Therapist in EMDR

IFS Therapist (Completed Level 2 Training)

Since earning my mental health counseling degree in 2000, I have worked as a professional counselor and instructor, helping adults who seek relief from emotional pain. I have also worked with people who are experiencing difficult transitions in their life, relationship problems, and difficulties achieving their life goals. If you struggle with any of these concerns and are ready to engage in activities that will lead to relief and/or healing, I invite you to contact me for an initial consultation.

Kathleen "Kitty" Fallon, Ph.D., BCC

With over 27 years background in professional counseling, counselor education, and life coaching, I am focusing my work on life coaching. To provide individualized attention and focused work, I see a small number of clients at one time. My mission is to help each of us remember who we really are - unique expressions of divine light - and to express that light to empower one another and the world to heal and shine! The challenges of our world can and will be resolved when we each wake up to our strength and potential and when we support one another to rise and transform our lives and the world.

If you desire support in creating your own unique, thriving life, I am here. I offer coaching virtually. Additionally, provide a series of personal development articles online. Visit Kitty's Services page for more information.

Email me at [email protected] or give me a call at 505-490-7059 if you want to connect! I offer a complimentary 30-minute initial phone consultation.