Kitty's Testimonials

Kitty is truly amazing! I went to her needing an accountability partner. I had never really had one before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was imagining one of those trainers from the gym that would be on me all the time about getting things done, and then I'd dread meeting with them on a regular basis. Nope, not at all with Kitty! I am amazed at how she really truly listened to what I was saying, paying close attention to the details. Kitty helped me to dive deep into things I wasn't sure about and it helped me grow. I'll be honest, I'm more of an idea person, brainstorming, so the idea of diving deep...well, it wasn't something I do often. Kitty has a way of bringing out what is in my heart and then working through my head. I could go in a session confused about what to do next and walk out feeling like I had a clear path forward, and feeling confident about it! Meeting with Kitty has helped me to grow as a person and in starting my own business! I can't tell you how grateful I am for our time together, and always look forward to my next session with her! Carol G., Business Consultant, Santa Fe, NM

My first interaction with Kitty was eye opening and motivating. We started my 8 sessions with determining my short and long term goals. Then, we analyzed the value I personally can bring to my clients. The value along with my personal touch, caring and compassionate attributes helped me set myself apart from others in my industry. Kitty and I compared my company’s DNA to come up with my personal DNA I offer to customers during a stressful event in their lives. In the end, my personal coaching from Kitty allowed me to be more motivated, more focused and double my sales in one year. I highly recommend Kitty as she is engaging, thorough and helps break down our internal barriers to succeed.
John D. Silvernail, MS, Vice President National Accounts, Santa Fe, NM

Dr. Fallon is a brilliant facilitator of inner truth discovery. Her keen insights and way of listening on a metaphoric level helped reveal "ah ha" moments. Some of her words of priceless wisdom are still ringing in my ears (i.e. "you can choose if you are the artist of your life or the victim of your circumstances") I feel genuinely energized by our conversation to engage my creativity and to let go of the voice inside that was feeling powerless to change a particular situation. Dr. Fallon's glorious generosity to invite this "pay it forward" session has more ripple effects than she may ever get to see. I whole heartedly recommend her services!!!
Emi, Mental Health Counselor, Gainesville, Florida
Is it time to finally play big and go all out with overcoming obstacles and being your personal and organizational best?
Are you ready to engage a conscious and powerful consultant and problem solver that will help you get unstuck, so you can begin to
move with greater dynamism, hope, inspiration, energy and brilliance toward being more productive, creative, and yes, having more fun?!
Then let me introduce you to my friend and colleague Dr. Kitty Fallon. Kitty Fallon’s educational and professional background is certainly impressive. What really shines through for me though is her deeply held commitment to and faith in people’s abilities to solve their own problems, create their own solutions and get the most out of their personal and work lives in organizations, when they put their attention on what’s really important, what really matters. Her skills at facilitating the proven processes and structures that can and do help organizations move from crisis management to conscious management are present for every group I’ve observed her in, both informally and formally. Kitty can reframe a situation in a flash, opening up new realms of direction and possibility that enlivens and brings hope for a new response to a situation that requires dynamic and flexible leadership. Her extensive repertoire of creative solutions is born of experience and a deep intuition into what it is people fundamentally need for a team or organization to blossom and thrive. I recommend Kitty to you and for you….but only if you’re ready for a big leap!
Dr. Randy Crutcher, Organizational Development consultant for state and non-profit organizations, Master Trainer for the Passion Test facilitator training certification and Passion Test for Business consultant
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Dr. Fallon quickly ascertains the whole structural picture of systemic functioning within an organization. She observes the necessary functional procedures as well as interpersonal dynamics. She often pinpoints personality traits and communication styles that keep the organization healthy or stuck. Fully engaged on the scene, she draws from her organization and systems knowledge as well as her years of experience in psychotherapy and group settings, which enables her to draw conclusions in a timely way and with a greater degree of certainty because she analyses from a variety of perspectives. She generates conceptual frameworks that can specifically target where changes are needed. She identifies personnel that will be able to lead specific groups through organizational challenges. She is sharp, direct, and decisive while still holding the whole environment with enough graciousness to win cooperation. She capably motivates organizations, groups and individuals, as needed. She can mentor and guide leaders and employees to fruitful and productive outcomes, often turning around the most troubling and stiffing circumstances that affect the whole company. Her skills and wisdom are amazing and I highly recommend her.
Dr. Leona Stucky-Abbott, author, speaker, consultant, psychotherapist

Dr. Kitty Fallon is a catalyst and has an out of the box, energizing and social personality. I experience her approach as bouyant and vibrant, with an ability to surprise people with new perspectives on old problems. She adds value by initiating action, finding solutions and being an authentic individual in her counseling, coaching and consulting. With an approachable and transparent style, she intuitively understands the ideas and feelings of others. Dr. Fallon is an amazing connector, bringing people together, while quickly solving problems with fresh solutions. She provides tangible results, focusing on objectives and meeting deadlines. Her goal is to be receptive and serve in a transformational way.
Judith Elfrink Weissmueller, Psychotherapist

Dr. Fallon has a wide array of educational credentials, certifications, and experience which are evident in her vitae. They uniquely qualify her for providing services in organizational process consultation. Not evident in her credentials is her astounding capacity to quickly grasp underlying factors in any situation and reframe them such that solutions to challenges become readily apparent and actionable. Simply said, Dr. Fallon is a master at “cutting to the chase”.
Ken Wells, Life/Workplace Coach

My name is Kevin Tate, and I am here to tell you about my time working Dr. Fallon. For some background on what she has helped me to achieve, I am an assistant professor in a tenure-track position, a licensed professional counselor in private practice, and serve as a consultant and educator for a program serving first generation, low-income college students. Before I tell you about Dr. Kitty Fallon, let me first tell you how she has been involved in my development. I first met Dr. Fallon as a nervous, new graduate student in a mental health counseling program. She has served as a mentor to me through that program, into my completion of a Ph.D. in counselor education, during my time as a full-time staff member in a university career center, and finally into the roles I have described above. She continues to serve as a mentor for me, both professionally and personally. Across these nine years, Dr. Fallon has served as a mentor, coach, and finally has guided me to place where I can call her a colleague. Now that you have a sense of the role she has played in my success, I’ll share with you two primary things that she did that helped me to achieve what I have thus far in life.

The primary thing that Dr. Fallon did to help me unlock my potential was to strike the balance between genuine support and focused challenge. In my life, I have usually found friends and mentors to be good at one or the other. In other words, people seem to be good at either making me feel OK as a person whether I succeed or fail, or at pushing me to do better without letting my emotional struggles with failure get in the way. To be honest, I have never found another person that can do both of these as a mentor. That is why, apart from the fact that I enjoy being around her, she has been a person that I consistently return to when I need someone that will both validate me, and push me to achieve what I am truly capable of achieving.

A second, but no less important, thing that you should know about Dr. Fallon is that she does not proscribe to “formulas of success”. I am not sure what your experience has been with “self-help” professionals, but I have experienced many of them to be “selling me something” that can help everyone become successful. Dr. Fallon is not selling any gimmicks that help everyone…she will get to know you , and provide coaching that is relevant to you . She will be fully present, focused on your particular needs and situation, and provide guidance that fits who you are rather than applying a universal formula of success to your life. In my experience, finding someone to do this is rare, and is why she has been such an important support to my success in life.

As I have said, saying I recommend Dr. Fallon would be an understatement. There are very few “quick fixes” in life, but she has provided guidance and mentorship that has led to continued and sustained success in my personal and professional life. I am excited to hear that she will be sharing her skills and wisdom with others, and hope you are able to benefit from working with her as well.
Kevin Tate, PhD, LPC, NCC, MCC, Assistant Professor

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I first met Dr. Kitty Fallon, or Dr. Kitty as I call her, as her student in my Counselor Education graduate program. I quickly learned how fortunate I was to have crossed paths with such a beautiful and inspiring soul exactly when I needed her the most. Although our relationship began as teacher and student it transformed into much more.

Dr. Kitty became a source of wisdom for me, a sounding board, an inspiration, and above all she created a safe place for exploration. A few things that impact me most about Dr. Kitty’s guidance was her ability to challenge me to look deep within myself for answers to my questions and, at the same time, to remind me to be gentle with myself as I struggled through my growth journey.

Together, we explored my past – areas that were unresolved and stunting my growth. More specifically she helped me to confront, communicate with, and comfort my younger self that needed some major TLC. She helped me to recognize my life long discomfort of watching others struggle and my need to “help” or “fix” in all situations. She walked and worked beside me as we pushed through limitations that I had placed on myself rooted in fear and insecurity.

We explored my present – discovering more about who I truly am at my core and in stillness….a young woman who is perfectly imperfect. She helped me to understand and believe that “I, Keri, am worth it!” And we explored my future – my potential, my desires, my priorities, my goals.

I have never met another person like Dr. Kitty. Those who know her are changed for the better. I will never forget Dr. Kitty reminding me that growing pains are not just for our bodies, and that the terms applies to us as humans holistically. Her knowledge, guidance, and the unconditional support have been transformative. I count our relationship as one of the greatest blessings and turning points in my life.
Keri, School Counselor

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I’ve known Dr. Fallon for the past eight years-- originally as her student, then as her teaching assistant, and now as her coaching client. She has profoundly impacted me both personally and professionally. I believe that coaching has found her, as I often observed her with her former students, colleagues, etc. providing consultation at such critical junctures in our life journeys, forever impacting our future. Folks seem to find her just when they need her the most. We often end up leaving with more than we came for-- a life lesson, or piece of wisdom that we didn't even know we needed. Prior to seeking coaching from Dr. Fallon, my roadblocks involved both internal (e.g. self-confidence, work/life/balance, etc.) and external (e.g. relationships, work, financial, etc.) challenges. In my current job as an Assistant Professor, I recently called on Dr. Fallon for consultation about disagreements faculty had regarding doctoral training. I asked for coaching to prepare me to talk about the limitation in the "process" as opposed to focusing on the specific individuals, and specific problem areas. In just 1 hour of dialogue with Kitty, over the phone, I had identified 7 or 8 major themes to discuss, and practiced how I would portray my concerns to administrators. She gave me real feedback, and helped me see very quickly how my emotions were getting in my way in this context. She provided encouragement, and genuine care/concern-- I left feeling confident and competent, as well as encouraged and hopeful about what could change for the better. At the meeting, our college Dean asked for my notes, and invited me to serve on a committee that would develop doctoral standards for our College. I am sure this would not have been possible, especially for a brand new Assistant Prof. who is nervous, self-conscious, and very green-- Kitty helped me argue what our college needs in order to better prepare future graduates, and we (my colleagues and myself) are now moving in that direction. Dr. Fallon has enhanced my journey at many, many different points over the last 8 years. This doesn't just impact me, but also who I encounter in my own life-- my students, family, friends, colleagues, etc. This hasn’t just happened to me, but to so many of her clients, each process being unique but just as powerful. When you seek consultation, coaching, or counseling from Kitty, you will be truly touched and forever changed, and those around you will be impacted as well. I cannot imagine a healing experience any more powerful than with Dr. Kitty Fallon.
Laura, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

I highly recommend Dr Kitty Fallon for a number of wonderful reasons:

  1. She is a brilliant thinker and can hear the underlying current of what is being said and often has a skilled way to share this that is fresh and energizing to hear.
  2. She is compassionate and able to connect with you while also being able to find ways to support you with wisdom, stories, and new ideas.
  3. She is capable of seeing the dark shadows of old wounding in people, yet Kitty always brings sunshine and light to every person and situation she is in.
  4. Kitty’s sense of humor is refreshing and fun and allows you to feel safe and comfortable.

Overall, Dr Kitty is a natural leader and person who can see the many connections possible and synthesize them into new ways to live their fullest potential.
Karin Lubin, Ed.D, Enlightened Team Consultant

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