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Kathleen "Kitty" Fallon, Ph.D., BCC

You matter!
What is it that only you can do
that will forever change the world? 


I believe our lives unfold on purpose and that you felt drawn to explore coaching at this moment on your life journey. Are you someone who:

  • feels caught or stuck by life wounds, as though your stuff is getting in the way of thriving in your life;
  • appears on the surface to be succeeding with many aspects of your life but at times feels disconnected from your passions, your inner sense of meaning and purpose - your inner north star;
  • feels limited by debilitating thoughts, feelings, patterns, or relationships in your life;
  • feels out of balance by your life pace;
  • yearns to thrive instead of merely existing;
  • feels drawn to a different life path but is not sure where and how to begin;
  • is ready to create abundance and possibility in your life;
  • feels motivated to create change in your life and would like support through the process; and/or
  • feels a desire to live in alignment with your highest self?

For those who feel motivated and ready to create change in your life, I offer online individual life coaching for adults.

I have no scripted formula or linear steps to your growth and success. Instead I listen deeply and maintain focused presence with you, collaborating with you to access, articulate, and pursue your own vision, goals, and objectives for transcending challenges and thriving. I integrate coaching approaches that address the impact of thoughts and feelings on your actions as well as explore choice and readiness for change.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

I consider coaching and counseling along a spectrum. When you feel mired down or limited by your life wounds, then counseling is the most appropriate option. You deserve attention paid to healing your wounds so that you can begin to thrive. When you feel a desire to expand beyond your current self and eager to thrive, coaching is the most appropriate option. The focus shifts from healing to creating new possibilities and living from your highest self. I find counseling a vital step towards thriving. For coaching clients who discover personal issues requiring deeper healing, I will encourage you to seek separate counseling services. At times, it may be appropriate to sequence counseling before coaching. At other times, you may pursue both services simultaneously. I work from a wellness and resilience perspective, integrating multiple theoretical frameworks to attend to the intersections of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, contexts, and relationships. I assume wounding and healing are part of our life journeys and that all people are capable of change and deserving of healing, health, and thriving.

Life Coaching

Do you have a vision of your highest self? Do you long to step outside confining self-limitations and unleash your full potential? Do you want more clarity in your life's meaning and purpose? Do you desire to create a fulfilling life in which you contribute your passions in service to yourself, your loved ones, your community and world?
As your life coach, I support you in strengthening your intuition to connect with your highest self, vision a life grounded in sharing your passions, and moving from vision to action. Using the power of deep presence, evocative questions, support and challenge, accountability, and collaboration you will feel empowered to create a life in alignment with the grandest vision for your highest self!
At this time, I provide coaching services online or by telephone and work with clients nationally and internationally.

Coaching Fees, Updated January 2023
  • 1-hour Initial Consultation - No Charge
  • Hourly Coaching Rate - $100
  • 30-minute Coaching Rate - $50

This information can help you get to know me and discern if we would be a good match for your desired counseling or coaching experience.
My vision for my life’s work is to support you living in alignment with your highest Core Self. Your core self is that part of you who exists beneath all the wounds, cultural messages, feelings, beliefs and assumptions you hold about yourself. It is that part of you who holds the belief and vision in your highest potential. You may know that self clearly, or you may feel incredibly disconnected from that self.
To fulfill that vision, I will collaborate with you to identify and transcend your challenges and wounds, to connect with and vision from your Core Self, and to create a meaningful life in which you contribute your passions in service to the world’s healing and thriving. I approach my work and life with a spirit of optimism, hope, and possibility. At my core, I assume we are all interconnected and possess unique gifts and talents. I assume change is always possible and is one of the only constants in life. If cultivated and shared, we posses the potential to help ourselves and the world heal and thrive. Indeed, I believe the times in which we live call each of us to discover, nurture, and share our authentic selves! I believe now is the time for greatness and each of us is capable of creating it!
I earned an M.Ed. and Ed.S. in Marriage and Family Counseling (1996) and a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision (2004), with a specialty in Mental Health Counseling, from the University of Florida. I earned the Board Certified Coach (BCC) with a specialization in life & personal coaching. During the last 27 years, I have served as a professional counselor working in community mental health, crisis counseling, university career services, private practice, counselor educator, and integrated those experiences as a life coach for the last 8 years.
During that time, I experienced a gap in people receiving support in achieving their full potential, no matter the life stage or circumstance. We seem to focus more effort on just "getting by"; we fail to strive for fulfillment and thriving!  I am applying my passion for teaching and lifelong learning to counseling and life coaching. Each step of my life journey has prepared me for this time when I can serve you in discovering your inner wisdom, envision, and create the life of your highest imagination!

  • If you are someone who believes deeply your life has meaning and purpose;
  • If you long to resolve and reconcile your wounds and to unleash your potential in service to yourself and others;
  • If you yearn to create a boldly authentic life grounded in your passions; and
  • If you are motivated, committed, and open to co-creating a dynamic coaching partnership; then
  • I am eager to direct my knowledge and experience in service of your visions!
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  • "In the end, my personal coaching from Kitty allowed me to be more motivated, more focused and double my sales in one year.  I highly recommend Kitty as she is engaging, thorough and helps break down our internal barriers to succeed." J.S.
  • "Kitty has a way of bringing out what is in my heart and then working through my head. I could go in a session confused about what to do next and walk out feeling like I had a clear path forward, and feeling confident about it! Meeting with Kitty has helped me to grow as a person and in starting my own business!" C.G.
  • "Dr. Fallon is a brilliant facilitator of inner truth discovery.   Her keen insights and way of listening on a metaphoric level helped reveal "ah ha" moments.  Some of her words of priceless wisdom are still ringing in my ears (i.e. "you can choose if you are the artist of your life or the victim of your circumstances") I feel genuinely energized by our conversation to engage my creativity and to let go of the voice inside that was feeling powerless to change a particular situation." E.
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