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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
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You matter!
What is it that only you can do
that will forever change the world? 


COVID-19 Update

I will be working with all individual clients online
At this time following the CDC and New Mexico guidelines
Please stay safe and healthy at this time!


 What is a Life Coach and What is the Difference Between Coaching and Counseling?

Coaching and counseling are like an athletic coach and a physical therapist. An athletic coach is someone who helps you develop and hone your skills, challenges you to reach farther than you believe you can, and supports you to excel in your sport. A life coach is someone who helps you identify and articulate your vision and purpose, believes in your potential when you have lost sight of it, challenges you to develop the skills that will help you realize your goals, and inspires you to create the life you desire. A life coach focuses on unleashing your potential. In life, as in sports, we experience injuries. When that occurs, you need to pause from that momentum and address the wounds and injuries so that you may heal and get back to creating your full life. Those wounds may be sudden or historic; and in attempting to cope with those wounds over time, you may have experienced compounded traumas and injury. A counselor, like a physical therapist, is an expert on helping you heal your mind, body, spirit, and relationships.

I have over 20 years of professional training and experience in counseling and life coaching. Because of the times in which we live and the importance of people living their fullest lives; I focus my expertise in service to you as a life coach.

Why now? ~ Called to Transform Coaching

We are at a powerful threshold in our country and our world. This pandemic has changed our world. We face existential crises like climate change, mass shootings, and legacy oppression. We also face crises within ourselves and among one another, like isolation, acute fear and anxiety, and division within our communities. Opportunity is as present as danger in this time. I believe within each of us is the potential to contribute to transforming our lives, communities, and our world for the better. I choose hope over fear, and I believe each of us have roles to play and work to do, regardless of our life journeys to this point.

I believe in identity, purpose, and community. Your identity - who you are and all the ways in which you are unique matters. Your story, your gender and ethnicity, your background, your hopes and goals, your accomplishments and traumas all help grow your wisdom, whether lessons were learned easily or painfully. Your identity is to be accepted, honored, and regarded as a starting point for what you want to create in your future. Every person has purpose and meaning, whether you feel connected to it or not. That purpose can serve you and those around you. Whether circumstances have changed and you must change directions, your life having meaning is constant. Finally, you belong to a wider community. In that community, you can experience a sense of belonging, and you can share your gifts with others.

In these transformative times, each person is vitally important to helping our world heal and thrive. If you long to receive support to discover how you matter in this world, desire help in focusing and realizing your purpose, or yearn to contribute your unique gifts with the world, coaching can help you express your potential. Whether you feel overwhelmed and lost or passionate and driven, coaching can help you create the life you desire.

Now is the time for you to awaken your unique potential. The world is waiting for you and will be forever different thanks to you!

Mission & Coaching Approach

My mission is to help each of us remember who we really are - that higher self shining like a beacon through the fog that gets in the way - and to express that light to empower one another and the world to heal and shine! The challenges of our world can and will be resolved when we each wake up to our strength and potential and when we support one another to rise and transform our lives and the world.

I begin with the foundation that you are at your essence well and fully capable of transforming any current challenges. In that way, you and I are the same. Rather than providing you with some script or answers outside yourself, my approach is to point you back to your own innate wellness and capacity for creating a healthy life. We explore together how that will look for your own unique journey. You set the goals and the pace for the life you want to create; and I provide the focus, challenge, and support to bring your visions and goals to life.

Coaching Services

Because of my mission to work with people who feel called to serve in these times, intentionally I set my fees to be accessible. Life coaching is available in person, by phone or video conferencing. I provide a complimentary 30-minutes phone consultation. My per-session fee is $100 plus New Mexico tax. I will negotiate sliding scale on a case-by-case basis.

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  • "In the end, my personal coaching from Kitty allowed me to be more motivated, more focused and double my sales in one year.  I highly recommend Kitty as she is engaging, thorough and helps break down our internal barriers to succeed." J.S.
  • "Kitty has a way of bringing out what is in my heart and then working through my head. I could go in a session confused about what to do next and walk out feeling like I had a clear path forward, and feeling confident about it! Meeting with Kitty has helped me to grow as a person and in starting my own business!" C.G.
  • "Dr. Fallon is a brilliant facilitator of inner truth discovery.   Her keen insights and way of listening on a metaphoric level helped reveal "ah ha" moments.  Some of her words of priceless wisdom are still ringing in my ears (i.e. "you can choose if you are the artist of your life or the victim of your circumstances") I feel genuinely energized by our conversation to engage my creativity and to let go of the voice inside that was feeling powerless to change a particular situation." E.
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