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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
African American Couple

Kitty's Services

Your thoughts are like the artist's brush.
They create a personal picture of the reality you live in.
~Syd Banks


My mission is to help each of us remember who we really are - unique expressions of divine light - and to express that light to empower one another and the world to heal and shine! The challenges of our world can and will be resolved when we each wake up to our strength and potential and when we support one another to rise and transform our lives and the world.

I begin with the foundation that you are at your essence well and fully capable of transforming any current challenges. In that way, you and I are the same. Rather than providing you with something outside yourself, my approach is to point you back to your own innate wellness and capacity for creating a healthy life. We explore together how that will look for your own unique journey.

Life coaching is available in person, by phone or video conferencing. I provide a complimentary 30-minutes phone consultation. My per-session fee is $150. I offer the following packages, ranging from introductory to more comprehensive to allow you time to create and implement your vision for your life. Package prices vary depending on your payment schedule, with single installments offering the greatest savings to you. Services are private pay only and New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax is additional.

  • Pinon - We meet for 8, 1-hour sessions. What if? ~ What if you remembered who you really are? Now what? ~ If you remembered who you really are, how might you live differently? These sessions help you begin to see, think, feel, and create a different life for yourself. ($1,000 - $1,200)

  • Juniper - We meet for 12, 1-hour sessions. This program allows you to have time developing our working relationship, envision what you desire, and begin seeing changes as you create your thriving life. ($1,500 - $1,800)

  • Aspen - We meet for 24, 1-hour sessions. This is an optimal amount of time to develop a solid working relationship, immerse yourself in understanding your unique journey, envision and create your desired life, see solid changes as you move towards implement your vision for your life, and course correct where needed. ($3,000 - $3,600)

You can also stay connected online through my blog on our Gloaming website and my Facebook group Thriving No Matter What - https://www.facebook.com/groups/CreateYourThrivingLife/. Email me at [email protected] or give me a call at 505-490-7059 if you want to connect!

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