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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
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Elaine's Testimonials


  • Avail yourself of this master in action.  A workshop and/or individual session with Elaine can transmute hurt/wounded parts to become a unified whole.  Elaine was born to do this work.  She is confident, knowledgeable and holds sacred space.  She imbues love and kindness as she facilitates peoples' process.  I imagine you'll feel safe, seen and appreciated, as I did.  I recommend Elaine as a resource to transmute lifes hurts, to live life more exquisitely, and to honor your true heart's desire in a safe and easeful container. (Workshop Participant)


  • Elaine Casquarelli is a professional therapist who puts you at ease, educating you while also diving deep into whatever issues you want to address.  I worked with her using EMDR and loved how she used it to work on an issue that I seemed stuck in.  Other things seemed to unfold and I am happy to say that I am super satisfied in my movement and also appreciate Elaine's flexibility, compassion, and incredible skill in working with people. (Counseling Client)


  • I just wanted to thank you for your tender counseling and EMDR treatments.  I’m so glad I found you! (Counseling Client)


  • I worked with Elaine twice; both times were transformational. First, I sought her help to overcome a block in completing my dissertation. I had procrastinated over a year on finishing my doctorate. My new faculty job required I complete my degree before the end of the year, and my salary raise was contingent on earning the doctorate. Time was ticking and the pressure was on in a major way! We had a single session that lasted about 2 hours. That very night, I got up and began writing and graduated about 4 months later, making my end of the year deadline! That experience made me a believer and fan of EMDR. I don’t know how; it just worked! Several years later, I sought her help for a chronic health condition. I was struggling with stuck beliefs about my ability to heal and those stuck beliefs seemed stuck in my body! We worked together for about 3 months. In that time, I both mentally and physically experienced a release of that blocked energy. My mind is now focused on healing; my perspective is more positive consistently; and my body is responding. The healing journey continues, but I know  I am on the journey thank’s to Elaine working with me using EMDR. (Counseling Client)