The future depends onwhat you do in the present
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Dr. Kitty

Meet Dr. Kitty Fallon LMHC, NCC, BCC

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In organizations, real power and energy is generated
through relationships.
The patterns of relationships and the capacities to form them are
more important than tasks, functions, roles, and positions.
~Margaret J. Wheatley
A Call to Rise

We live in critical times that call individuals and organizations to gather together our creativity, brilliance, courage, and commitment to rise and meet our emerging future with novel ideas and possibilities. If you lead a small to mid-sized organization, feel a sense of deep contribution to our world and want to release untapped creative potential in service of realizing your vision, we could be a great fit. 

Consultation Services

Process consultation is my art form. I attend to the delicate and at times cacophonous ways individuals' own unique lives dance with their colleagues and the myriad ways that can impact collective creativity, risk, solution generating, and organizational purpose and outcome. I specialize in small to mid-sized organizations and work with one consultation client at a time. This allows us the time and flexibility to identify and address deeply your organization's desired vision, outcomes, and needs. We create a pragmatic project that will add impactful value strengthening your organization. Together we will explore questions such as what's working and what's not; what are the key issues costing your business the most; what assumptions no longer serve you; how could cultural healing improve outcomes; how could you more effectively see and proactively shape the emerging future enabling your business to have a greater impact; and what could you accomplish with unleased potential? I assume that everything going on in your organization makes sense and is providing you information from which you can determine whether continuing the status quo is in your organization's best interest. These assumptions remove judgement and blame and support developing pragmatic solutions. Methodologies used in consultation projects are specific to your needs and may include such strategies as:

  • Individual interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Team interviews
  • Feedback sessions and reports
  • Coaching
  • Leadership development and mentoring
  • Fiscal and personnel analysis
  • Staff development and training
  • Strategic visioning
  • Advocacy training

If you would like to discuss further how I may serve and add value to your organization, please call 505-930-5001 to arrange a complimentary initial meeting.


I approach my work and life with a spirit of optimism, hope, possibility, and integrity. At my core, I assume we are all interconnected and possess unique gifts and talents. I assume change is always possible and is one of the only constants of life. If cultivated and shared, we posses the potential to help ourselves and the world heal and thrive. Indeed, I believe the times in which we live call each of us to discover, nurture, and share our authentic selves and transform our organizational communities! I believe now is the time for greatness and each of us is capable of creating it!

Through my consultation services, I integrate over 20-years experience attending to personal and collective process. I earned an M.Ed. and Ed.S. in Marriage and Family Counseling and a Ph.D. in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Florida. I earned the following national counseling and coaching credentials - National Certified Counselor (NCC) and Board Certified Coach (BCC) with a specialization in life & personal coaching - and am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC, No. 0169931) in New Mexico. I have served as a professional counselor working in community mental health, crisis counseling, university career services, private practice, and as a counselor educator and administrator. Throughout my career, I observed a gap in individuals and organizations receiving support in achieving their full potential. We seem to focus more effort on just "getting by"; we fail to strive for optimal individual and organizational fulfillment! I apply my passion for teaching and lifelong learning in service of organizational development. Each step of my life journey has prepared me for this time when I can serve you in transforming organizational stuckness to release individual and collective talent and potential. 

Coaching Services

On a limited basis I offer individual coaching services. Brief and solution-focused, these opportunities are ideal for individuals ready and highly motivated to resolve the ways in which their personal issues are limiting them from fulfilling their full potential. Independent of a consultation project, coaching is available in person or by phone or video conferencing for $250 per hour. Services are private pay only. Call 505-930-5001 to schedule a complimentary 30-minute initial consultation so we can determine our goodness of fit.